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Develop your team.

Build the best team and leave the competition far behind.
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What does cooperation with CODE:ME look like?

We have been offering training services in the B2B sector for years, thanks to which we have created an effective process
Contact us
Via phone, email or contact form
Verification of needs
We will examine the needs of your company and your employees, set the goals and scope of the training
Program preparation
We will create a training program tailored to the needs of your team
Provide a training
We will sign a contract and train your team in accordance with the defined program
Report and evaluation of effects
We will provide you with a detailed report on the course of the training and its evaluation

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What can we do for your company?

We are here to help your team work more efficiently and per standards!
Dedicated training

Dedicated training

We believe that together we will provide your team with additional skills and develop the ones they already have.
Open training

Open training

Your team can also take part in open training, for which registration is ongoing.
 Training Voucher

Training Voucher

Did you use your training budget? Use the Voucher with which you will carry out your training plans for the next year.
 Meetings with practitioners

Meetings with practitioners

Your employees can also develop by participating in events organized by us.

Why is it worth it?

We know that people are the driving force behind every company, and investing in yourself or your employee is the best investment.

By learning to program, we help to develop technical skillscompetencies so that they can most effectively support the implementation projects.

When preparing training, we always follow the highest standards of quality. At every stage of cooperation, we make sure that every element of training, which we sign with the CODE:ME brand, reflected a high level and some investment.

That's why we suggest you download the brochure in which you will find the necessary information about our company's business cases, as well as exemplary training programs.

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